Your wedding is coming up, and you want your guests to feel the same magic that you do.  There is a lot that goes into weddings: Bridal Shower, Engagement Party, Bachelorette, Reception. You want to add just the right amount of flair.​

Looking for someone to greet your guests as they enter? Want to fill that small lull between ceremony and reception?

Let me and my team entertain your guests while you take some time to yourselves. ​

A Stilt walking greeter can create the atmosphere. Stage performances will set the mood and entertain before or during dinner. Ambient roaming entertainment during the reception. Have an aerialist pour drinks from their elevated seat. They can pour the drinks directly for the guests, while literally hanging upside down and flipping and spinning through the air.

There’s a new trend flying around. Have you heard of Crazy Hour? We can get this dance party started with a flash mob style performance to get your guests out of their seats and onto that dance floor. Reinvigorate the party.

Full customization from music genre, to costumes, theme, down to the color of the props.

Do you have ideas? Would you like some recommendations? ​

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Let’s see what we can make happen.